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Search for a course

The Airtable below will help you find suitable courses and course bundles.

  • The following course bundles are used as the column names (hover on the info icon to see full course bundle name) - Dialogflow Essentials, Programming Dialogflow, Dialogflow Toolkit, Core Dialogflow and MBD Mini-courses
  • For each row, you can see all the bundles which contain a given course based on the ✅ and ❌ signs
  • You can hide the columns if you wish to compare the courses available in two bundles, e.g. Core Dialogflow vs Dialogflow Toolkit
  • You can use the Filter button to see which courses are included in a given bundle
  • You can use the _Link row at the top of the table to go to the course bundle page
  • You can click on and expand the Contents view and see a Table of Contents for an individual course
  • The Contents column also has a link to the Course page
  • The column Course/App is used to indicate where the Course is an actual course or is a software app
  • You can use the search icon on the top right corner of the table and search across the entire table.
  • In other words, you should be able to search for individual course lessons using the search icon
  • You can then click on the link to jump directly to the lesson if you already own the course
  • If the link says the word "Preview" (instead of "Start"), the lesson is open for public preview and doesn't require purchase

The Airtable may not be 100% up to date all the time, but I will try and keep updating it as frequently as possible.

How to use this Airtable