There are three primary course bundles which are suitable for people learning Dialogflow.

Learn Dialogflow ES

This Learn Dialogflow ES course bundle consists of multiple individual courses. I would recommend people learning Dialogflow ES to get this course bundle.

See course curriculum

Learn Dialogflow CX

Learn Dialogflow CX is a single course and has all the material you need to learn Dialogflow CX.

See course curriculum

All Access Pass

The Dialogflow Toolkit is a course bundle which includes ALL the courses I have created. Plus, all future Dialogflow courses will also be added to this bundle.

There is also a personal license for individual users , but it is primary intended for teams of 3 or more people.

Free courses

You can check out the free courses from my primary website to see some examples of my courses. The free courses are completely self-contained and don't depend on any of the paid material.