20% off any individual course

This offer does NOT apply to course bundles.

1 When you sign up, you will get a sign up confirmation email.

2 After you get the confirmation email, you can ask a question to my CourseBot and grab a screenshot of the End of Conversation marker (after you ask your question). Send me the screenshot as a reply to the sign up confirmation email, and let me know which course you want the discount for.

3 I will send you a 20% off coupon for the course of your choice. (Your question should be reasonable and logical, for example something you might actually enquire about if you were to send me an email.)

Offer valid till May 10th 2019.

Free 5 Day Courses

Five day courses are free mini-courses.

  • You need to register to get full access
  • They are dripped courses, meaning you will get access to one chapter a day
  • It will take 5 days to go through the whole course, including the day on which you enroll

Check out the 5 day courses here

Course Bundles

You can get a discount of ~50% when you purchase my course bundles.

Check out the course bundles here.

Email only offers

I have launched around 1 course per month from Jan 2018 till present date. And I intend to keep launching more courses about the same rate.

Every time I launch a course, my email subscribers get a fairly significant discount (around 25 - 50%) for a limited time. And usually the only way to get access to these discounts is to join my email list.