Dialogflow Example Bots

In this course, I use the Telegram integration to design five different types of chatbots:

  • selection triggers next intent
  • get a list of inputs from user
  • checklist/diagnostics bot
  • decision tree bot
  • questionnaire/survey bot

You can go through all the videos for free, and without registration (just click on the Preview button). If you want to download the agent ZIP files (which isn't necessary to follow along), you can purchase the course.

Flowchart to Chatbot

This course explains how to systematically design your chatbot by first creating a flowchart and then translating the flowchart into Dialogflow intents.

Here again, you can go through all the videos for free without registration. If you would like to download the Mindomo mindmap (which isn't necessary to follow along), you can purchase the course.

Intro to Dialogflow

This course provides a systematic overview of the must know Dialogflow concepts.

This course is a little old and some of the material is based on Dialogflow API v1, but much of the course is relevant and the fundamental concepts are still the same.

Besides, in some situations it helps to know some basic stuff about the older material so you don't waste time by trying to learn from online tutorials which are based on API v1.

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You can use that base to filter courses, find topics etc.

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