I offer a $1 almost-free trial occasionally.

Note: Obviously, this offer is to get people interested in purchasing my full-priced courses. So this is a periodic offer, and is not always available.

What is the $1 free trial offer?

You can watch all the 18 mini-courses in my MBD Mini-Courses Bundle for only $1 for a 24 hour period.

When will the offer be available?

The first 5 or so days of each month

What does the MBD Mini-course bundle include?

The bundle includes:

Dialogflow Regexp entity

Learn how to use the Regexp entity

Dialogflow Webhooks 101

An introduction to Dialogflow webhooks for technical non-programmers.

Understanding Dialogflow Training

There are multiple steps happening in Dialogflow training, and learning about these different steps will help you build better training into your bots

Understanding Slot Filling

Why I avoid slot filling

Dissecting Intent Mapping

Why you should minimize intra-intent training phrase variation and maximize inter-intent training phrase variation

Dialogflow Integrations 101

How Dialogflow integrations work

Firebase 101 for Dialogflow

A very basic introduction to Firebase features, and how they can be helpful for Dialogflow bot builders

Speech to text tips for Voice Bots

Why it is hard to build robust Dialogflow voice bots

Rapid Dialogflow Prototyping

Some tools which will help you prototype your Dialogflow bot more quickly.

Dialogflow Agent Validation

What is agent validation, and how does it help?

This is what the purchase button looks like when the $1 Trial offer is available

This is what the purchase button looks like when the $1 trial offer is unavailable