Dialogflow Tips by Aravind Mohanoor

Dialogflow Tips

Build more accurate, more maintainable and more analytics friendly chatbots


This course contains a collection of tips, tricks and recipes in Dialogflow. Many of these tips are based on my work with coaching clients across multiple industry verticals. Some of them are also based on articles I have written on my website.

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"I am really enjoying the course so far. It is so much better than the Dialogflow documentation." Gary Miller, QA & Testing Analyst 

Are you building a commercial Dialogflow chatbot which earns or saves money for your organization? Here is my promise: If you don't save at least 10X the price of this course back within one month of implementing the suggestions recommended, I will gladly refund your money. 

"A potential challenge with this visualization will be that people will have is that they don't follow your best practices for naming the intents. They should though! I've found it super helpful."-Jevin Maltais, boomLabs.ai

What's included?

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3 mins
Dissecting Intent Mapping in Dialogflow
Candidate List
4 mins
Scoring the user's message
6 mins
Description of the Porter Stemmer algorithm
6 mins
Porter Stemmer Alternate Link
6 mins
List of stop words
ML Threshold
5 mins
Term Reinforcement
6 mins
Summary Part 1
5 mins
Summary Part 2
5 mins
Slot filling challenges
Challenges of using slot filling feature
10 mins
Forum thread on implementing slot filling using webhooks
How to quickly clone a Dialogflow intent
How to clone an intent
4 mins
Tips on choosing the lifespan of a context
Choosing the lifespan of a context
8 mins
How to use contexts to simulate slot-filling (and why)
3 scenarios where you should avoid using slot filling in Dialogflow
Slot Filling Part 0: The example
15 mins
Slot Filling Using Contexts Part 1
4 mins
Slot Filling Using Contexts Part 2
9 mins
Slot Filling Using Contexts Part 3
12 mins
Can we get all the input at once?
Session variables
Session Variables Part 1
3 mins
Session Variables Part 2
8 mins
Exposing the Dialogflow Client Access Token in client side script
Exposing the Client Access Token on your website
5 mins
Is it OK to create production code inside the inline webhook editor?
Using the inline webhook editor for production bots
5 mins
Domain Smalltalk vs Prebuilt Smalltalk: which is preferable?
Domain vs Prebuilt Smalltalk
5 mins
6 things you cannot do in a Dialogflow chatbot
6 things you cannot do in Dialogflow
3 mins
When not to use followup intents in Dialogflow?
When NOT to use follow up intents
5 mins
Article on my website
ZIP file for the Florist Shop agent
Why not just use @sys.any for everything?
When to use the @sys.any wildcard entity
6 mins
Suggested naming conventions when receiving user input
Naming Conventions
8 mins


Why do I need this course?

A coaching client of mine spent a week trying to implement his entire chatbot using a single slot filling intent and was completely stuck when he contacted me. After the coaching call, we realized that this was a use case where slot filling wasn't required and it was in fact making it much harder to build out the chatbot. In my estimate, the client wasted about 40 hours of time and effort. 

This course will help you avoid these kinds of mistakes by giving you a good idea of the pros and cons of Dialogflow features (especially the ones which seem really cool). 

Who is this course for?

You should already know the basics of Dialogflow. If you aren't yet comfortable with the basics, please take a look at my Dialogflow Basics course. 

It also helps if you are either a programmer, or someone who directly manages programmers. If you are a business person, you should consider getting this course for the developer on your team. 

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