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Learn about DialogFlow (API.AI) , Chatbots, Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing

DialogFlow Basics

If you are very new to DialogFlow, this series will help you get a bird's eye view in less than 2 hours worth of video...

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MBD Resources

This course contains supplementary resources for the Mining Business Data website. E.g. Agent ZIP files, Checklist PDF files, Sample Code etc. 

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Dialogflow Tips

This course contains a collection of tips, tricks and recipes in Dialogflow. Many of these tips are based on my work with coaching clients across...

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Rich Controls Web chat with DialogFlow (formerly API.AI)

The existing DialogFlow web demo integration is very limited in terms of richness of content (e.g. no hyperlinks) and controls (e.g. no buttons). You can...

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DialogFlow Agent ZIP Files

A list of agent ZIP files (supplementary resources). You can import these ZIP files into your DialogFlow console. You can also get all these agent...

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